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#172602 - Scott looked up at Ben’s face his head back and his eyes closed, the expression on his face and the light moans from his throat told Scott he was doing it right, and his brother loved what he was doing, Scott was in heaven he so wanted to release his own cock and take Ben’s hand and put it on his brick hard member, but he was scared that it would be a step too far and spoil things. Every nerve in his body went in to spasm as the first shot blasted the inside of Ben’s mouth, Ben tried to swallow then the second blast hit the back of his throat causing him to choke and cough sending his mouthful of warm cum to meet the final blast shooting from the head of his cock, Scott’s spunk the sunk ran from his lips down the length of his hard wet cock towards his balls, Ben tried to retrieve as much as he could, Then Scott grabbed Ben by the head pulling him on to the sofa on top of him their lips met and their tongues clashed as they shared the spunk in Bens mouth. Once again Scott’s co

Read Girlongirl Kage Hinata ni Sakura Saku - Naruto Hardcore Porn Kage Hinata ni Sakura Saku

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Kaori fujimiya
Ok how do we meet in real life and recreate this i have a fetish for g string fucks