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#211868 - Wanda leaned up on her elbows and smiled at Al and said, Well thank you for putting my breast pump together, I couldn't have done it without you! Standing up and putting his cock back into his pants, Al replied, No problem, we're a full service delivery company, and today we really delivered, but now I gotta go, but good luck with the baby, seeya!!! With those words he was out the door and off to his next delivery, about a half hour behind schedule! Wanda put her clothing back together and attached the pump to her still full breasts, and while sitting there she could only smile as she thought about the best delivery she had ever gotten!!! THE END. Al, she asked softly, would you do me another favor? What, he asked back in a weak voice? I'm getting the milk out of one breast, but the other one is still full and needs to be emptied right away, do you think you could do that for me? Uh, how would I do that, ma'am he stammered! Well, silly, she lil

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