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#24258 - The real difference, however, was that instead of having two hand bars, this horse sported two eight inch long hard rubber dildos that stood proud and thick just waiting to be mounted by two willing females! A fury was slowly slipping out of control in Bobbi's young pussy so with a hoarse whisper she croaked, Let's give it a try!!! On very wobbly legs both twenty two year olds got to their feet and gingerly made their way across the room until they were standing next to the imposing object. Do you think it will hurt? Bobbi chuckled a quietly for a moment, and replied, Hurt, I think it's gonna feel wonderful!!! As Laura's sucking intensified, Bobbi gazed over at the object that now dominated the middle of their bedroom and closed her eyes while imagining them using it together. I'm in here, came the reply from the bedroom, come on in, I have something to show you! Laura dropped her brief case on the chair next to the desk and quietly opened the b

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