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#20351 - She coughs again, and says to Dad, I never did thank you properly for saving my life from the last serial killer did I? I'm really thankful, and grateful, really, really, grateful, maybe I could show you just how grateful I really am? See, what did I tell you about real life dialogue sounding lame and cheesy? All this time she's looking at him, all hot, damsel in distressy like, and hot (Did I just say hot????? Get out of my head creepy guy! He definitely made me think that, of course he did…, I like boys!!!) Barely making eye contact, looking from him to the floor, all coy like, and that thing that isn't in his pants is growing bigger by the second (come on, I mean she's virtually naked right in front of him with her massive melons swaying gently with each breath. Dick is staring back and forth, at me, and at DC, not knowing what to do, so I raise the axe and hit him. What? I can appreciate a fine looking woman cant I? That doesn't mean I'm in to girls!!!? She does have a very ta

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