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#103205 - Hey she said Hey Kim, making popcorn I asked Yeah, I figured you could use some company so I made us some and got a movie Kim replied as she held up a dvd case I couldn't make out the cover let alone the title I just shrugged and nodded and she came in with the popcorn and dvd, she was wearing her tank top, and a mini-skirt that was like mom's nightie, long enough to just cover herself but short enough so when she bent over to put in the dvd I could see that she wasn't wearing panties, I didn't say anything and just covered myself up from the waist down. You gotta keep off that leg, even if it's on your knee Kim kissed me Let big sis take care of you she picked up speed and pressed my face between her tits I let her ride me for I don't know how long, minuets, hours, the whole rest of the day? All I know was we enjoyed eachother, with her pussy gripped around my dick, my going from nibbling her nipples, and kissing her, and fingeri

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