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#85855 - So we had up to the room and once inside and I see no one else around I close the door drop my bag and grab you and push you up against the wall and start kissing you and running my hands on your body. So move my and purposely hit a bump to make my hand jump from the console to your leg and you put your hand on mine then you wrap your arm around my arm and I start to rub your leg, as I'm rubbing I decide to test my limits and start rubbing closer to you pussy, and you don't stop but you do start to squirm in your seat. I put the truck in park shut the engine off get out come to the passenger side open the door slide you to the side and grab your and yank them down and pull you out of the truck and bend you over the seat and smack your ass and as my hand hits your ass I move it down and spread your legs open and go back to fingering you for a second then pull them and tell you that I just wanted to make sure your still wet and I grab my dick and slam it into your pussy and proceed to

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