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#80017 -   James was showing a huge amount of restraint as he slowly let the young woman succumb to his delicate fondling, he felt her grinding that plumb ass back into his crotch and he knew that it was a done deal, this blonde, white bitch was his for the taking, he groaned as she moaned out his name taking in the scent of her fragrant flesh as he kissed along her shoulder blades, his hands tugging down her dress with little resistance, he stepped back taking his lips of her and continued to pull the flimsy garment down her waist exposing the red cotton thong she had on underneath, the waist band white with Calvin Klein written along it in black, a thin strip of red material traveling down between the crack of her fleshy globes, Megan arched her back looking over one shoulder at the black man who stood face down admiring her behind, it wasn’t the first time she saw that look on a man and it never grew tired seeing the look of lust in their eyes, the dress fell to the floor and James wasted n

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