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#56194 - I let my wife have a few days off before taking her out again plus she needed to rest after having her coil removed, l couldn’t wait to see her being filled without protection, l also made that call to arrange Trudy’s Saturday night, but first l was taking her to the lay-by. He opened the car door and Trudy stepped out while they walked up the pathway l locked the car and followed to stand about 15 foot away from them. She was becoming well known by the blokes that came into the lay-by, now they would walk up to the car knock on the window and my wife would follow them to a clearing, l would be a little way behind her and just watch as she got used, if she didn’t do what the bloke wanted l would tell them a hard slap on her arse will change her mind and that only ever happen once, Trudy is a very obedient wife.

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I would love to fuck her sexy ass
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