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#297972 - Both Sandra and Brenda arived at home were Sandra's mother greeted them she was concerned why they came home just when class was about to start but she looked at the state of Sandra and she knew what was going on so she told them that she would ring the school and make up an excuse. One day Sandra and her boyfriend were at his house lying on the couch watching movies but her boyfriend wasent really paying attention he was to busy snorting cocaine until he got so high and agressive he grabbed Sandra by her hair shouting at her he is gonna fuck her now he dragged her to the bedroom they both started taking their clothes of Sandra got in her usual position lying on her back with her legs spread but her boyfriend had other plans he grabbed her side and turned her on her stomach shouting at her im gonna fuck you in the ass really violently Sandra could not say a word her boyfriend had her face smashed into the pillow he spread her ass cheeks he could feel him spit on it

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May lee
She have a nice ass
Syuko shiomi
You know the porn isn t the best but i actually find these very entertaining maybe it s a reflection of my mental state