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#250041 - Now that im out of school, its wierd that i will never be able to roam the school at 2am sneaking around to develope nude pics of girls who well most of them arent even 18( ya i know JAILBAIT) but i dont care it was worth it. In school i wasnt the best looking dude but I got by with what I had. So hehad me take some easier classes to get the credits I would need, So i ended up taking a foods class(cause it was 1st period and I would get to cook my breakfast in school) and photography, now that one had me scared cause im real camera shy, but the GC said it was an easy class and an easy credit , so I'm like aiight im in.

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Lloyd asplund
Heather vahn is so hot
Yachiyo nanami
Great camera angle
Tomoko kawada
What brand blanket is this