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#371115 - She leant forward from her position (still kneeling on my wind-pipe), and I was only vaguely aware of the soft warmth of her mouth engulfing my manhood, and its’ resultant hardening! ZZZ The next thing I was aware of … (as I regained consciousness) was that ‘MY’ Ellie was sat on top of me, bouncing up and down, with my mind-of-its-own dick inside of her! I awoke to this realisation – unfortunately - just in time for her to achieve orgasm! …. FUCK – I had fantasised about HER long enough! This just wasn’t right! “GET ON YOUR KNEES YOU PERVERT” … FUCK – I never imagined she could be THIS dominant! – she’s only 14! … but on my knees I got – thinking ‘I’ll turn this to my advantage in a minute’ … thing is – it WAS to my advantage already – just not QUITE in the way I’d anticipated!! “YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO CHILD-MOLESTERS IN PRISON …” she asked (I assumed) rhetorically … I didn’t answer … she kicked me squarely in the bollocks! …. standing there in all her beauty … l

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