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#138179 - For those of you wondering about my father well first off my mom got drunk on her last day of college and decided to throw one last college party and well she got so horny and drunk she would fucked any guy at the party and she did but couldn't remember who it was, a couple months later she turn out to be pregnant and I was born and was pissed that it was a boy she kept telling me she didn't care about being pregnant from a stranger so long as she has a girl but she got me a boy. As for my mother well first of all her names Shally she has dark brown hair and light brown eyes, she is slim and if she wasn't my mother I'd say she has a smoking hot body with 32B big round breast they look fake but trust me they are 100% completely real, some of my classmates say she maybe a bitch but she's a hot one, I even over heard a student say that she looks like a pornstar name Mackenzee Pierce. That night I was dreaming of fucking Danica but then for some reason Danica tur

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