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#176736 - This way was even better, it was an amazing feeling having Maria completely at my mercy, I asked her if the guys had done this too, she said of course they had, they had fucked her whilst she was handcuffed, blindfolded and gagged all at the same time, they had fisted her when she was like it too, she said even when she screamed it was hardly noticeable, talking like this really excited me and I kept asking her how many guys would she bring home, Maria was excited too and she kept saying more each time I asked, eventually she said at least five or six , she asked if I would like to see her fucked by five or six guys, this really got to me and I couldn’t stop myself from cumming, Maria laughed and said now she knew how to make me cum fast. After she had hung up I asked her if he was any good, she said she didn’t know, it was difficult to know what to ask them.

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