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#218895 - She tilted his head up and their eyes met, hers cold and spiteful, his wide and fearful, “You’re going to fucking swallow what I give you to swallow or I’ll choke you out and then fuck your face. She felt her heart skip a beat as she looked down at Sky, the cute feminine boy breathing hard, limp, splayed out against the toilet he was sat on, “F-fuck…” she said, between pants, she had wanted to dominate him, to make him relive that experience that made him ask her out in the first place but this adorably little caramel love boy had brought out the absolute worst in her again, a monster that she hated, that thwarted every attempt at happiness she had ever come close to achieving, with panic rising she put on her commanding voice, though it was shaky and a little uncertain, “Get yourself cleaned up” she said, pulling her jeans up off the floor as she stepped away, pulling them up her thighs as she stepped from the toilets. She panted hard, staring at the ruined mess of her da

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