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#144426 - Kathy was bobbing up and down on my cock sucking and licking and was using one of her hands to rub on her pussy making herself orgasm and causing her to suck harder which caused me to not be able to hold back any longer and I exploded semen deep in the back of her throat causing her to gag and swallow so as not to lose any of my juice flowing from my now hard cock hitting the back of her throat. I introduced myself to my cousins friend and subtly asked so whats on the agenda for the afternoon? My cousin who I will call carol, said we should have a drink to break the ice and maybe play some cards. Sitting there were two beautiful girls in tank tops and shorts, well built with equal long legs and sexy bodies, causing a certain stir in my loins and was obvious in my shorts as my bulge started to strain against my underware.

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