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#25029 - Then one night as we was watching tv she was teasing me as usual I decided to take the next step, I started moving my had up her leg over her jeans. To this day we are still best friends and niether of us regret what we did, and I'm glad I got to experience this when I was young, although now her feet aren't as beautiful as they have got older they have got blisters and dry skin from high heels, and they no longer have that amazing smell but instead just smell. When I was younger I moved from a city suburb to a what I thought at the was the middle of no where, a little village in the country with no bus rute and only one other kid in the village who became my best mate, I moved there when I was five and slowly over a few years more kids moved to the village and by the age of 8 we had our own little group consisting of two girls aged 15-16 me and my mate jim I was 8 he was 9, we jus used to hang out play games and jus have alot of fun being normal kids, Then she arrive

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