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#112009 - My rock hard shaft was pre ejaculating as i licked up and down her feet then my hornyness took over and i noticed my hand goin up her silky smooth leg, i slid it in her pants and then found myself massaging her warm wet pussy, it was partally shaved. Maybe on ocasion i will give you a foot job or somethin, but not unless i say! She went to sleep right after it and i was left with yet another rock hard boner, so even after her little speach i went back to those soft feet and fucked them till i cummed and then went to sleep satisfied . I was suddenly shocked because i saw she was wearing thick socks, this was going to be a challenge, but i was this far so i moved the long socks down her, oh so smooth ankles, past her soft smelly heels, through that beautiful soft arch, then finally past those sexy toes.

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Mmm yes please i need this
Tail blue | aika tsube
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