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#212601 - It was late afternoon when Amyl was standing at the door holding a carrier bag l informed him that uncle Robert was at work, but he already knew that and told me it was Robert who sent him to see me plus to let me know that Robert would be doing overtime so wouldn’t be home till 9pm. The socks fitted and the knickers were tight, l couldn’t quite button the pleated skirt, but it didn’t notice due to me putting on a belt and l couldn’t do the top 2 buttons on the blouse, Amyl’s jaw hit the floor when l walked into the kitchen he got up pulled me tight against him and kissed me full on, l could feel the large bulge in the front of his trousers, he whispered ‘daddy is going to fuck his little princess’, l replied ‘yes daddy’, Amyl ordered me not to talk just do as l was told.

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Mmm best holes
Saika totsuka
Wow the guy is strong i love that