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#244745 - She playfully punches me and then asks, “So when are you thinking of getting that English essay done? Would you mind helping me? I’m completely clueless about it, I wasn’t concentrating in class” she says with a slight blush, laughing, “Well, I was planning to do it tomorrow, but that wasn’t actually going to happen, and yea sure, when do you want to do it” I say laughing, trying to cover my nervousness, “how about, tomorrow? Sort of 12ish?”, “Yea sure, that sounds great, hey, you want a lift home?” I ask as we enter the parking lot, “Sure! That’d be awesome mike, thanks! This is yours?” she asks as we walk up to my car and I unlock it, “Yea, I got it for my 18th a couple days ago, you like it?” “It’s beautiful” she says as her eyes wonder over the car with undisguised awe, and as she looked up at me, I could’ve sworn there was a hint of lust as she looked at me, “You wanna drive?” I ask, “What? You’re not serious are you? No Ways! Yes! Please yes!” she exclaimed as she literally bounc

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