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#351304 - After everything was done the 5 trainers went into the storage room and brought back leashes each of the trainers gathered some girls and connected the women to the leashes, one Trainer came up to Me, Ainsley and Chelsie he connected us all to separate leashes then began to walk us out on all fours . I slowly lent up moaning every moment all the while rubbing the sleep from my eyes, every morning goes like that for me no matter what day it is or how much sleep I was able to get it was always a slow wake up. We both walked up to the desk christian pushed the bell which made be jump, hoping christian hadn’t seen I looked at the door behind the desk and waited, few seconds later a young bloke came in he looked to be in his 30s he was wearing exactly what the other guy in that video I had watched was wearing the guy came to the desk with a smile and proceeded to shake our hands.

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Guan yinping
They really should of pegged that tent down
Why fake the ass cumshot
Arresta blanket
This is wonderful made me horny
Kyuubei yagyuu
Omg that noking at the begin scared me so hard