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#377293 - You idiot, your going to get me pregnant Jessica said coming down from her organism, Jason sat up and looked into her eye's I can tell you what to do so you wont get pregnant, but first I want you to play a little game with me out in the back yard Jason said getting up off the bed, Jessica agreed to play his game afraid of what would happen if her mother would say if she got pregnant. OHH ya Jessica like that Jason said as Jessica's tongue began to dance on the tip of hic cock, not wanting to come just yet he forced his cock out of her mouth, she tried to keep it in not wanting to give up her new sucker. Why do I have to have my hands tied behind my back? Jessica asked, Because in this game using your hands are against the rules Jason replied, Ohh like soccer? Jessica asked, with no response, when Jessica's hands were tied tight Jason pushed her to the ground onto her knees, Ok now spread your legs sis, I’m going to fuck you again Jason said as Jessica

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