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#232523 - When we had both finally calmed down, I went to her and said “Oh my god, that was so embarrassing” and giggling, she replied “Just a little” oh god, her laugh was intoxicating, “So now that that’s over, I’m Michael” I said, extending my hand with a mock serious face, “Hello Michael, pleased to meet you, I’m Kara Kinsley, how are you?” she asks also in a mock serious tone with a smile playing at the corners of her gorgeous mouth, “I’m very good thanks and you miss Kinsley?” I ask in continuation,”Now, now Michael, there is to be none of this MISS business, you will address me as Kara” she replies in a mock haughty tone, which just sounds absolutely adorable from her, “Well then, Kara, I think we had better be quiet immediately to avoid being caught” I say laughing, she sticks her tongue out at me and she just laughs with her angelic laughter. I couldn’t ask for more. After I had showered I connected my phone to my speakers and put it on shuffle and “yours to hold – skillet” started p

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Kanako ohno
Can someone do this to meee
Rinze morino
How gracefully you shake
Jyuto iruma
Makes me miss my sister bing around she always loved to go riding