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#349929 - They can only be onlookers of the game, or co-operatively marshals and guides and attendants once the contest is up and running effectively. Brandon was an incredibly and enormously rich man, a self-made multi-millionaire capitalist, who won Mila away from those hazardous streets only to marry her in the end and also educate and help her reach these haughty, soaring heights that she was now lazing around and stretching herself out in. Under Brandon's severe and austere influence and restrain, Mila was definitely and indisputably feeling that she was losing and being ridden more and more of her liberty and autonomy and free will and coming to be more and more of his slave and mat of a wife.

Read Bus I'm a virgin, so what? | 是童贞有什么问题吗? Sola I'm a virgin, so what? | 是童贞有什么问题吗?

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