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#339713 - Steve knows a good sniff of mares juices gets the horse stirred up big time and horny to fuck, Jan held her ass open, as his cock banged against her a few times then found her willing hole, with no fuss and little trouble he rammed a good 6 inches in first go, Jan let out a squeal but held firm, with a few more good thrusts his cock went right in, her ass more than up for him now. It was around 12 when a new influx of guys arrived, Joy was busy with three guys as I took my first horse for the night, Jan fisted me when he pulled out and we shared her cum covered arm between us. I took them out back, and we began to play, I didn’t want Jan to see Steve take the money from the guys as I knew that would upset her, all the guy have been told not to say anything to us about it too, as Steve tells them we are not pro’s but just love sex and group fucks, and he covers his costs.

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