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#275336 - She reached down into my groin –again! – And her hand felt around for the cube, but instead she found me and I was still hard, and she squeaked at the feel but closed her hand on the cube, melting it and I could feel myself getting wet – from the ice, not from myself! I pushed gently against her, and pushed her away, as I reached for tissues, declining her offer to do it for me as I sponged myself, but a large wet patch was what my groin looked and felt like. I had never been here before, but with breasts under my hands, and what felt like a woman’s vagina enclosing my prick, this was no longer a photo session: this was a love-making time, and I tried to do that. Clearly, she was aroused, constantly crossing and uncrossing her legs, one hand slipping down to touch her body somewhere.

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