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#174409 - After our shower Daisy and I put on gowns and robes and I give Kathy her clothes that the maid washed and we head back down this time we go to the family room where I ask Kathy if she wants some food and she looks at her Master who tells her to go ahead. Rob- This feels so good his dick in my as I reach between us and begin stroking my dick and when he rubs across my prostate my eyes roll into the back of my head as I feel my balls draw up I tell him that I am close as he pulls out and slams back into me I here moaning and Sonya telling Daisy to lick her faster and my dick throbs as I cum shouting his name. I grab her head and begin to grind my pussy in her face I tell her to put her finger in me and I begin to cum and she stops me Master Rob moves in front of me and sinks his dick into me and fucks the shit out of me it is just what I wanted he tells me I can cum as much as I want.

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