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#13673 - Then the collar was chained to the bed! She could then go to sleep in the bed unless someone else came along and wanted to use her! Then he called me to come and get her! They had taken all kinds of pictures and video as they hard fucked her! This treatment of her was the most humiliating degrading and abusive than she had ever experienced! She was black and blue and her throat was sore and her ass hole and pussy were gaping open holes that would take a week to return to some where close to normal! But it has only left her wanting more as she orgasmed both painfully, and pleasurably more times than she could ever remember! All one needs to accomplish this fantasy is a reasonably willing woman that loves black?.

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Haruka koga
Sarap namnamin ung katas
Guys i had my first kiss yesterday
Teru miyanaga
Thank you dear
Nayuki minase
Hot but i got distracted by the goodfellas godfather scarface and sopranos poster in an italian setting i think it was worth losing my wood to figure that all out