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#299735 - Cindy's nipples seemed especially excited by the exercise, as her nubs popped through the skin tight material, creating the unmistakable sensation of a hardon growing between his legs! Moving from the bike, he set up the leg press machine at 250 lbs. Looking them over, Mark had to admit that Cindy and Jill were two of the best conditioned ladies who used the facility, and they really did workout, unlike a lot of the other female members, who seemed to use the club as a social gathering spot rather than a serious workout gym. I'm going to ride your fucking pecker you black stud man, she said, while lowering her pussy onto the egg sized head! With excruciating slowness, Jill settled her cunt over the throbbing black pecker, with every inch resulting in a mini orgasm for the hot pusied little bitch!!! Her cunt had never been abused like this before, and it strained to let the big cock invade it's depths! He's so fucking big, groaned Jill, my cunt is so full I can

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