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#332037 - I was ordered to tell them when I was going to cum and after a couple of minutes of being jerked and ass fingered I told the chubby bitches I was going to cum, then as Tracey let go of my cock she slapped my balls really hard causing me great pain and stopping me from shooting my load, my cock flopped and I was in agony, Stacey took the tip of my cock in to her mouth and sucked on it till I started to harden again, I was told that I still had to tell them when I was getting close to shooting my sperm and that if I just started to cum without telling them this would be the last kinky session we would have and that they would torture my cock & balls as a punishment. two chubby girls My name is Sean and I need to tell someone about the most bizarre thing that as ever happened to me. The girls left me tied up for about half an hour as they cleaned themselves up and when they eventually returned I was sprouting a new hard on wondering what they would do to me and not expecting them to

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