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#39513 - When I emerged form the tent, after making my tempry home as comfortable as possible, I found Jason sitting on a stump staring out across the lake, I automatically sat next to him, and without hesitation or recognition of my presence he handed me a coffee, and continued his indulgence of the view, as I sat next to him I felt as if he had changed, I turned to see if it was visible, to my surprise it was, it looked as if he lost five years in journey hear, the defining lines on his face had softened, the serious look he commonly wore was replaced by this subtle , calm, warm, and relaxed look, I felt as if I was looking at a Buddhist monk meditating, and realized I was stealing this moment of privacy from him, but he was totally emersed in his connection with the soundings, I could not remove my eyes form such an idyllic vision, I wished I had my camera wanting to capture the moment forever, but realizing it would destroy the moment. Jason showed us how to tie in correctly to the ropes,

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