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#979 - when i was 5 my mum and dad had a party all my uncles and auntie were then one of my uncles said to me come sit on his knee i did he was at the table so no one could see us because of the cloth he put his hand under my dress and was playing with my wee wee i could feel some thing sticking into my bottom it was getting bigger he keep rubbing me and wisbering in my ear do you like it i went ymm and he smiled he undone is zipp and put his thing at my opening but it was to small mum came in and said she wanted some thing at the shops and uncle said we will go won,t we i said ok mum went out and he put his thing away and held my hand and we went in his car we drove down the lane to the park and he stop he said to me lets play grown up ok i said ok he told me to go into the bushes and take my cloths of he came in and took his off he layed me on the ground and put his thing in my mouth i suck on it and it got big he then spread my legs and put his dick in my pussy it would not fit

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