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#223039 - “Ahhhhhhhh fucking hell, shit I’ve got a fucking teenager sucking my cock, I’m in heaven” “You wait until you feel how tight her cunt is Steve” Roger was removing Alice's white knickers stopping as they came away from her ass to plant kisses on each of her cheeks. Fuck I aint had my cock sucked like this for a long long time” I went and pulled Fiona's arms from her vest then pulled it down her body from her tits pushing it to join her skirt round her waist. “Leave your lights on Paul; bring that little slut out here” Paul looked at the scene before him with total shock on his face, all he could see was Fiona's ass and pussy being played with by Roger,( who he’d met previously), he had no idea who the bloke was getting a suck of the anonymous woman bent before him.

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