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#234689 - The woman watched for a second and then went inside to continue fingering herself, sally fixed my top and then grabbed my hand leading me to our last stop of the night, Our bags were nearly full but sally wanted to got to the wealthy part of the neighborhood we got to the first house and it was another woman she opened the door and saw us, sally flashed her pussy to the woman asking for extra candy the woman scoffed and said that if she wanted to see pussy she would look it up, then she said she would give us the rest of her candy if we ate her out, sally got down on her knees in front of the woman and the lady said it had to be both of us or no deal, I knelt down next to sally and then the woman pulled down her leggings to reveal a thong, I grabbed the thong and pulled it to the side and with the other hand I slid my middle finger into her pussy I curved it and spun it and once it was wet enough I pulled it out and stuck it into sally s mouth sally sucked on my finger then moved her m

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