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#304942 - Amy still looking up at me she said we talked about how big you were how you would always have foreplay never skip it and just slip it in even when you had a bad day you always made sure she had an orgasm before you put it in and if she didn't come during sex you would bring her of after you had finished and how good you made her feel after sex. After what seemed like hours I started to work my way down her body again kissing stoking and licking until I reached her slit I could see she was flowing with juice at this point I looked up at her and just as I was about to ask if she was sure she wanted this she lifted her head and in the sweetest voice I have ever heard said Please don't stop daddy it feels so good keep going I want this so badly I went back down gently licking from the base of her slit right up over her clit Amy let out a gasp as my tongue touched her pussy for the first time I repeated this several times Amy gasping every time before I gently

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Mamoru shindou
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So gorgeous and so real