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#363051 - Nadler sat down in stunned silence as his nurse's tight ass bounced up and down while she simulated fucking the big clitted hussy lying beneath her on the table, and even though he knew it was wrong, he couldn't help pulling out his pecker, mounting Meg, and sliding his thick pecker deep isside of her hot pussy!!! Meg was now trapped between Nicki and Dr. Nadler opined, I'm sorry we can't do anything for your problem, Miss Prince, but short of surgury, I'm afraid that you're stuck with your situation!!! Nicki thought about it moment and replied, Well, maybe I could stop in periodically for more treatments, what do you think!?! The doctor looked seriously at his nurse and replied, That's a good idea, mark Miss Prince down for two sessions a week!!! For how long, doctor, Megt asked softly!?! For as long as it takes, he replied with a small smile!!! THE END. Nadler were riding the brink of climaxing, Meg joined them on the Orgasm Exp

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