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#407107 - ” “What!?!” her husband of fifteen years yelped indignantly. “I don’t know why in the fuck she married a piece of garbage like you, I guess it just proves that any asshole can have some luck!” He pulled Dana to her feet and kissed her again on the mouth before shoving her into the living room and ordering Frank to do the same. “Look at the pussy’s pecker, “he’s hard as a fucking rock!!!” Dana dropped her eyes to her husband’s groin, and just as Jack had said stood Frank’s hard erection!!!” “Oh god,” she moaned, “he loves it just as much as I do!” Her finger was literally flying in and out of her hot wet box as another orgasm of unbelievable intensity racked her swollen pussy over and over again! Just hearing the hot pussied bitch having another cum was more than Jack could take, and while staring over at Dana’s spayed legs and wet cunt, his black piece of meat spasmed hard while filling Frank’s mouth with a gusher of burning goo!!! Even though his legs were the consistency of spaghet

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