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#48957 - The Reflection brought her hands up and pulled down the bedcovers freeing Valkyrie’s breasts. Unbeknownst to her the Reflection was plotting, plotting all the ways to get pleasure because that had been the trigger now the Reflection classed herself as her own person and she wanted to keep a hold of that pleasure, but she wasn’t the only one in Valkyrie’s dream she was being fucked in every way imaginable, who would of thought that Skulduggery’s protégé was turning into an insatiable little nymph Valkyrie smiled and rolled over in her sleep. “What does it feel like?” she asked curious “I can feel myself getting wet and it feels good” “You’re feeling pleasure?” “I think so” The Reflection brought its hand down and started to rub itself Valkyrie closed her legs together and their eyes locked.

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