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#66232 - The movement was so unexpected it brought her body off the ground and she let out a loud moan and her cunt muscles clamped down and began to suck his cock into it’s depths deep and as he postponed in and out of her tight wet cunt, her muscles caressed and squeezed his cock so hard it was almost painful, almost but the pleasure won out and he rocked her hard and rode her like a wild horse, as she moaned and came, he flipped her onto her stomach and parting the cheeks of her lush ass, he placed the tip of his cock against her tight entrance, just like he had seen in the porno his dad had under his bed. Without saying a word, she again took his cock into her hands and began to lick and suck him clean again. She shivered when the cool breeze coming up from the woods below the house teased her cunt.

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