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#120957 - When was the last time you were spanked!?! I-I don't know exactly, Jill whined. Jill was about to ask another question, but her train of thought was interrupted by the noise of her panties being snipped apart by the sharp clippers. Finally after another several minutes the pain actually became numbing, and again Jill began to relax only to be stunned once more by and unexpected assault! Again Petra took the poor girl by surprise when she roughly shoved a nine inch long dildo balls deep into her drooling pussy! Although she felt a lot of pain from the massive intruder, in less than two or three strokes she was rushing towards an orgasm of epic proportions! Never in her short eighteen years of life had Jill been violated in such a brutal manner! Sure she had used candles and the such to masturbate with, but they were generally thin and tapered, allowing for easy entry into her tight teenage pussy! Now, however, her poor little vagina was being absolutely ravaged by a cock

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