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#78720 - Then I stand you up and give you another big hug and tell you if this is what this weekend is going to be like then we better get couple of hours of sleep sooner or later then we get back in the truck but now your driving and I ask where we are going since your not following the route on my GPS and you say you got something better planned. I work my hands to your wrist and place them above your head and with my other hand I undo your shorts and work them and your pants off, once they are off and I'm still kissing you I start rubbing your clients till your knees start to get weak and the first time you drop it stop and release your wrist and grab your shirt and take it off and throw it over my shoulder.

Read India I.D. Comic Vol.5 Rape - Himei Gay Deepthroat I.D. Comic Vol.5 Rape - Himei

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