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#335732 - She had a very good relationship with her stallion, due in part to the fact that he could speak to her in her mind, so they could converse. Blackie grunted with pleasure as he scented her delicious fluid, beginning to drink it down, gulp after gulp, his cock responding by growing longer, and longer, and LONGER, and SO much fatter; his penis beginning to swell with blood as his own arousal steadily increased, the large cockhead beginning to expand, and flare to its gigantic, fully excited condition. She always took care of all their needs (and I mean ALL their needs!), and took pride in keeping them well groomed, happy, and contented…in EVERY way.

Read Red Head Ayaki no Uchuu Houshi(Chinese) - Original Dando Ayaki no Uchuu Houshi(Chinese)

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Chiaki minami
I hope she changes her mind about the no anal
Setsuna yuki
Where can i buy one of these milking tables