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#356302 - The last girl was again a virgin but was really sexy, I started asking her why she remained a virgin and she said she had just passed out of a girls college and all girls were very horny but as they could not get any guy they remained horny virgins , they all saw blue films porno magazines and also played with each other, I then asked if she would undress herself , she requested me to remove her clothes as she wanted to strip me and see my cock, I agreed and removed her shirt and then her Bra , her boobs sprang out and I could not resist holding and sucking them , then I pulled down her jeans and her panty and made her lie on my table as I wanted to see and admire her body , by this time she had completely undressed me . as he was talking all this he got excited and came near her and seeing her hands in her cunt he got even more and horny and wanted to fuck her , she resisted but he would not listen and started to first suck her cunt and then inspite of her half hearted resistan

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