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#309306 - They got off me and helped me to sit up, Molly handed me a beer and introduced her friends as Ted, Matt and a black guy named David, the five of us sat around naked and talked , David told me how much he liked my hairy pussy and fat ass, Matt said he liked blow job so I told him to lay on the couch, I leaned over the back with my ass in the air and started to suck his cock when I felt some one pulling my ass cheeks open exposing my pussy and rectum, something warm touched my pussy, it was a mouth someone was licking my pussy all the way up to my rectum, then I felt molly rubbing some oil on my rectum, she fingered me then she told David to go ahead and take my fat white German ass, David pushed the head of his cock into my ass hole and worked it in and out until he was deep in me , Molly took her place sucking Matt’s cock, as Ted mounted her from behind, we all fucked like this for a long time, the guys would switch up at time I would take two cocks at times Molly had two, we were all

Read Jacking Off [PH] [Hatsusei: First Semen] [Japanese] - Original Goth [PH] [Hatsusei: First Semen] [Japanese]

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