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#146822 - THE END. Good afternoon, Terri, and how are you today, the man with the deep voice asked in a subdued tone?!? I'm just fine, sir, she asked with her head bowed!?! Are you ready for your session, he asked softly?!? Yes, sir, I'm ready, she whispered!!! Very good, he replied, remove your clothing and assume the position!!! Terri silently removed all of her clothing and quickly climbed upon a long narrow table, and while leaving her arms at her sides, she spread her legs and waited for her master's next command!!! Terri had never actually seen the face of her master, and in fact she didn't even know his name, but at least twice a month for the past four years she had been making the trip from her north side apartment to the large Victorian mansion on the far south side where she allowed herself to be dominated by this unknown stranger!!! In perhaps one out of ten visits her master would actually show himself and personally use her for his sexual pleasure, b

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