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#15922 - When I returned to the cellar Jennifer was beginning to stir, she was crying and moaning, although not fully awake yet, I placed a hand on her stomach and said “You and I are going to get to know each other really well” I grab her teddy and rip it cleanly from her body leaving her totally naked, her eyes shot open in a flash as she stared, terrified into mine. When I stop licking I could almost hear her sigh with frustration, when she sees the dildo in my hand her sigh turns to a gasp of shock. I zoom in on her snatch, the end of the black rubber monster only just sticking out between her smooth lips, her wetness evident on the visible edges, I flick a switch, transferring the image to the bank of monitors, I pan out and upwards, her perfect flat stomach rising and falling in quick breathes, her perfect tits and hard nipples standing up proud, then her face, beautiful and flawless, with pouting lips, framed by a mane of blonde hair.

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