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#228842 - Brooke, the nine year old babysitee, was now begining to feel a bit more confortable around me, and was starting to think of us as friends, not just as a sub-parent. When did you become so good at that? i asked comically i dont know, i just was doing what i though was ok Well its more than ok sweetie, its just about the best feeling i can ever feel, in fact, ill let you feel what im feeling today! Her eyes lit up and she said, oh mike do you really mean it? can't we do it now? Let have some breakfast first, then we can get started, im hungry! Brooke, i dont know how much you know about sex, so ill just be thurough, what you've been doing to me is giving be blowjobs, and now, ill show you what they feel like, go law down on the couch there.

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Rimu mikogami
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