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Belly PakoCure - Hugtto precure Black Hair

(レインボーフレーバー19) [ぷらはぷりぱ (リンスン)] ぱこきゅあ~エールママとHしたい~ (HUGっと!プリキュア)


Characters: Cure yell (19)
Languages: Japanese Hentaie
Categories: Doujinshi
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#309479 - As I got off the machine I was sweaty all over so I took off my tee shirt and dried off with a towel that was left behind normally I would be mad but when I smelled it, it got me going all over again, so I put my shirt back on and went into the house the boys were nowhere to be found so I went to go shower while I was in the shower I masturbated and came so hard I was thinking of being watched in the shed. I got up careful not to smear off any of the goo on me and walked to the kitchen, there were my two little angles sitting in the living room as if nothing had gone on and me with a mess between my legs and their stuff running down my butt and leg. He asked if he needed to get his friend to look at the a/c I told him we are doing ok it will cool off soon , he then asked if I was sure I said yes the he said okay have it your way and asked me to stand up and turn around , when I did I put my hands behind my head and turned around ,he said that was nice but he had to go.

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