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#400804 - once inside he became more human he introduced himself he was David and this was his fathers farm who was out with his younger brother he was expecting them back very soon and that his dad might be able to help us . once we reach the farm my first thought was how undity and dirty it was then a couple of huge dogs came running towards us barking like mad , the 3 of us just stood there very scared thinking that they were going to rip us to pieces but jus before they got to us a strong male voice shouted SAM !!! JACK !!! DOWN both dogs stopped in there track and just laid down on the floor I look towards were the voice came from and could see a man he must have been in his thirty's and he was coming towards us as he came closer it was apparent that he was a farm worker his clothes were torn in places , he smelt like he didn't have a bath for a long time ,he must have been in his late 20's .

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