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#118527 - You flash your lights at me and i wave back, quickly straightening my clothes i grab my jacket and run down the stairs and out of the door jumping into the passenger side i lean over and kiss your lips hi baby i say, gazing into your eyes lovingly hi yourself you reply you look sexy as usual you put your hand on my leg and slowly stroke up my smooth pink stocking, reaching the lacy top and pulling your hand away when you feel the bare flesh of my thigh. you quickly pull the pillow from your face and reach up to me, pulling me down into a loving hug and stroking my hair oh my god are you ok? why did you do that? i thought you were saving yourself? you fired questions at me as you tried to focus on the fact that your cock was buried balls deep inside my previously untouched pussy i'm ok honey, i knew it would hurt but i guess i wasn't quite ready, and i was saving myself, until it felt right, and tonight felt right, and i love you, i wanted to give mysel

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