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#120888 - I lay on the bed running my finger through my brothers spunk over my belly reliving our fuck and the fantastic thrilling orgasm l had, closing my eyes l ran a sticky finger between my pussy lips and wondered what it would feel like to have my brothers full powerful load shot inside me, my brother came into the bedroom naked and wet from the shower he startled me when he asked what was l doing then kissed me before telling me to get up as l couldn’t lay there all afternoon although l was quite happy to do so, but sat up and asked what time will he be in, Dave joked was l checking up on him, l didn’t answer because l didn’t want to ruin the surprise he was going to get when he came home, Dave kissed me again and went to his bedroom to get ready to meet his friends. I felt the first load of his liquid load begin to fill my womb and gasped my brother gave another thrust, l gulped in a lungful of air as he released a larger load of spunk then he must have realised what he was doing and whi

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